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KORETEKS, our work started with the production and sales of work clothes since 1988, and diversified the product group according to industry, hospital, security, hotel, cook, waiter, t-shirt, promotional t-shirt, hat, vest group and prepared all designs and models by their own team and equipment. , aesthetics and different types of fabrics constantly renewed with the summer and winter models to offer our customers service.

One of the first equipment that comes to mind when we talk about work clothes is work vests. Work vests vary according to occupational groups and usage areas. Work vest prices are also expensive to cheap because of the properties such as materials, materials, durability and quality.

The prices of the vest vary according to the customer’s wishes, for example, if a company orders a vest made of fireproof fabric, it pays a higher fee, but the price goes down even further if it is a classic vest. As it can be understood from here, it is the material and quality that affect the work vest prices. Therefore, we cannot expect all of them to be at the same price.

Work vest prices are one of the most important factors in ordering companies. Business owners need to place bulk orders if they want to order work vests. So they can get better service. They should also order an extra vest just in case that there is no shortage of vests afterwards. Quality should be prioritized in orders for work vests, and products that meet the needs of workers must be purchased.

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